Heart of Healing

Students from Building 21 entered the doors of Walson Hall for the first time this semester on October 15th. I remember the nervous looks on their faces and the tense atmosphere. I felt confident and prepared to work with them. I wondered if they were excited to be there or if they were just using this as an excuse to… Read more →

Youth Producing Media

In this day and age, youth are consuming more media than ever before. While this consumption can have its negative effects, I have seen first hand how media inspires artistry. Last week at Building 21, I worked with a bright spirit named Soemmie. Her artwork was highly influenced by animated shows she watches regularly. She creates her own characters with… Read more →

Youth and Documentary Work

The idea of teaching documentary work to students who come from low-income families fascinates me. During my Documentary Research course I learned about things like representation, objectivity versus subjectivity, location, and other important aspects. My education in this field allowed me to create a piece that displayed fair representation through an objective lens. While these students don’t having the same learning experiences… Read more →